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2009 Western Stamp Product Catalog

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Celebrating Over 40 Years in Business -- The History of Western Stamp

Western Stamp & Engraving Inc., Wholesale Manufacturer of Specialty Products for the Trade was founded in 1971 in North Hollywood, CA to address a need for products in the Marking Devices Industry not only on a local level, but also on a national level. The original company and name (Western Stamp & Engraving Company was founded by Max Zenzs (1971), and now runs under the name Western Stamp, Inc, under new management since 2006.

The Western Product Line began with Made to Order Steel Stamps, Inspection Stamps and Special Rubber Dies for Printing Equipment. Between the period of 1971 thru 1975, Western began research and developed our Now Famous and Best Quality Custom Made High-Speed Steel Stamps, which outlast regular steel stamps.

Research and development continued during the 1970ís to improve the manufacturing process and the quality of our Inspection Stamps, because we were not entirely satisfied with the then popular vinyl material and processes.

In 1982, Sham Soni joined Western Stamp, and is now co- owner. Sham Soni lead the development of the "Solid Plug Neoprene" Inspection Stamps, which revolutionized the Inspection Stamp Product nationwide.

Sham Soni helped develop a glueless process to mold each and every stamp into One (1) Solid Plug, which then cannot come apart when exposed to special marking inks.

Due to frequent supply shortages in inspection cases, we decided to design and develop our own. Product development started in October 1982 and by the end of January 1983, the first Inspection Cases were ready for marketing. Western had not only the best inspection plug, but also the best inspection cases, with more sizes then our competition. The rest is history. The Solid Neoprene Plug Inspections Stamps and "W" Inspection Cases have become the most popular Quality Control Inspection Stamps in the United States.

During the 1980ís, research and development was also ongoing to develop a Non-porous Pre-inked Inspection Stamp for marking Metals, Plastic, Cellophane, and other materials. At first glance, this project seemed impossible, but due to continued material and ink research in-house, we were able to introduce our first Non-porous Pre-inked Inspection Stamp at the Atlanta Trade show in 1991. Western named it the "W" Super Stamp. The product interest at the show was tremendous. "W" Super Stamps were selling at a fast pace ever since. The Non-porous Pre-inked "W" Super Stamp offers convenience and speed at the production line without the use of a stamp pad.

In 1986, Manuel Solano joined Western Stamp and was responsible for improving and developing new manufacturing processes. Manuel Solano is now co-owner of the company.

During the 1990ís, more improvements were made in Super Stamp Technology. Western invented a Non-Porous "Pre-inked Invisible Stamp" for marking Metals, Plastic, Glass, Cellophane etc. to protect your Products such as Aircraft Parts, Electronic Parts, Circuit Boards and Machined Parts against Forgeries. Thereafter, we developed a "Porous Invisible Pre-inked Body Stamp" for use in Amusement Parks, Theaters, Night Clubs, Conventions, Social Functions and for Sports Events. This Control Stamp eliminates expensive paper tickets.

In March of 1997, we were one of the first companies to utilize Laser Engraving, the New Major Tool for the Rubber Stamp Industry. However, we were not satisfied with the print quality and materials available at that time. We started with research and development for Pre-ink Material for Laser Engraving and for Pre-ink Foam and Powder Material for use with Bakelite Mold. In December of 1997, we achieved our first successes and we were pleased with our test results. In January 1998, the decision was made to share these new materials with the colleagues in our industry.

For over 40 years, Western Stamp has developed the Best Specialty Products for the Marking Devices Industry in the World.

Our Mission

1) Advance and Support the Marking Devices Industry with more New Products and Technological Advances. We will continue to assist and support our customers to the best of our ability and share with you any information concerning developments and advances in our products and industry.

2) Success in Your Business, because we cannnot succeed unless we can help you succeed.

Our Goal

To give you the Best Quality Products and the Fastest Service for Made-to-Order and Stock Items. With Western Stamp as your Partner, you can accept any size order without worry. Simply Fax, Phone or E mail us your order. We sincerely appreciate your business!

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